Building Deeper Family Connections
May 25, 2023
We are a generation of shoppers and hoarders; we are collectors of gadgets, clothes, accessories, and objects, which are often beyond our affordability or necessity. Our closets and homes are full of “things”; however, as our physical spaces get fuller, somehow the distance between all of us grows larger too.

Our meal times are now filled with the silence of social media, engulfing every member in its addictive grip. As a result, conversations between family members have lost their essence, where secrets were shared and bonds were deepened. In light of the myriad of changes that have affected family connections, how can we revive the bonds that tie our families together?
  1. Put away all devices during allocated family time: Whether these are meal times, coffee times or other periods where the family sits together, put away all the devices; this will encourage new conversations and more opportunities to share feelings and opinions.
  2. Role model honesty, kindness and unconditional love: We cannot teach our children by preaching to them; instead, we must become role models of the values we want to impart upon our children. Whether it is honesty, kindness or offering unconditional love and support, it should all start with us.
  3. Plan family getaways and holidays: Even a weekend away with your family can truly revive the bonding of love and friendship that seems to be getting lost. Going for a holiday together as a family paves the way for cultural exploration, enjoying good food, exchanging and building new memories and above all, spending meaningful time together without the stressors of the daily routines.
  4. Acknowledge every family member for his/her authenticity, differences, strengths and weaknesses: Every member of your family will be unique, and when we acknowledge and celebrate this uniqueness, we bring our family closer by showing our trust and respect for them.

Let’s spend more quality time together with our family and restrengthen the ties between the threads of our home!

Dr. Jinal Joshi