Developing Optimism
September 08, 2023

We all have heard about the glass half-full or half-empty story which we still use to denote the optimism and pessimism concept of mental attitudes. We try to imbibe the quality of being optimistic because we want to have a bubbly, cheerful, hopeful, happy go lucky, and tension free life like some people.

We often see how people who have this quality in them live a balanced life where they don’t give space to negativity. Other people also like that way of living which seems calm and cool; indeed, it is that only. To be optimistic, in general, is to expect the best possible outcome from any given situation.
Trait theorists say that it is due to certain traits that shape such mental attitudes. On the contrary, behaviorists strongly believe that rather than hereditary, it is an acquired behavior. But the question is, how to practice optimism? What are the ways to inculcate such a constitutive attitude towards life? There are some ways of practicing optimism.
Build self-confidence: It is one of the important points in building an optimistic attitude. Time comes when we lose the holding of our own self. Have faith in yourself that “I can do”, and “I will do” no matter how tough it is. Stand in front of a mirror every day and command yourself that I am confident, I will do my best and I will give my best. Likewise, keep boosting your inner self.
Read the ideal ones: It is well said, that what we read we become that. Read the material that inspires you to live a cheerful and healthy lifestyle.
Journaling your positive emotions: Research shows that writing down your positive emotions can help you to develop a positive outlook in life. Maintaining the journal on a daily basis helps you in introspection which is necessary for everyone.
Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness is being aware and attentive to your moment-to-moment activities. It means to live in the present moment and be consciously attentive to a particular stimulus.
If you are fully living in the moment, you are much less likely to contemplate past experiences or worry about the upcoming future. It can be a useful technique to focus on what matters in the present moment.
Practice gratitude: Gratitude means the remembrance and thankfulness for what is important in life. If you want to develop optimism, try to sit aside a few minutes every day to pen down the things for which you are grateful.
All the points are to be followed for achieving a constitutive and realistic approach towards positivity. Rather than stressing only about staying positive and ignoring other emotions, the goal should be to try to look on the bright side while acknowledging the twists and turns of the situation.
Article by Ms. Shruti Tiwari