Mind Over Mirror – Facing my mirror
September 10, 2022

We all have our ups and downs on the journey to self-acceptance. It takes practice and time, and everyone’s paths are different. Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy sense of self.


Take breaks from social media

Being online for long periods means you can be mentally exhausted without even knowing about it. Whether you ‘follow’ influencers or friends online, taking a break from social media is always a good idea. Think about setting a limit on how long you’re online each day and have a go at a ‘No-social-media-Sunday’. You’ll feel better for taking that space. Instead, use the time to go out and do something you enjoy- connect with nature and see friends in person.

Embrace yourself

Practice gratitude for everything your body does for you, not just how it looks. After all, your body carries you through life. Appreciating all that your body does can lead to self-acceptance and a much more positive body image.

Build a positive feedback loop between you and your friends

Supporting each other and receiving positive comments from those you care about can affect us more than a ‘like’ or a comment from someone you barely know. Be honest in setting boundaries in your group, so everyone knows what is positive for everyone to hear. Not only will you feel better but your friends will too. It’s a win-win situation!

Make sure you’re safe when aiming for body changes

It’s easy to see dieting pills, steroids, or cosmetic treatments as a quick way to achieve your goal. Before making any decisions about products, find out first if the product is safe, tested, and ethical. Know the product and be safe.

If you decide to go for treatments, check the facts first

Although the products used in the non-surgical cosmetic industry are standardized, there are currently no standards for the training and qualifications of the person doing the procedure. 

Make compliments based on personality and strengths rather than just looks

It’s easy when complimenting someone to focus on their appearance, such as ‘you look like you’ve lost weight’ or ‘you look like you’ve gained some muscle’. There isn’t anything wrong with this but consider that if someone just receives compliments about their image, they will apply a higher worth to how they look and feel more pressure to look a certain way. Switch it up and compliment someone’s skills or personality. Let them know that what you like about them is on the inside, not just the outside.