Modern Day Workplace and Managing Stress
April 24, 2023

 Modern Day Workplace and Managing Stress

While most of us are no longer exposed to the workplace hazards like chemical exposure, physical hazards, accidental injuries, and electrical hazards, we are however exposed to the greatest hazard of all time- mental stress.

With high-pressure jobs involving tight deadlines, long hours, and extreme performance pressure, most employees are reporting higher rates of stress and burnout. As the news of a global recession comes in and jobs are at risk, employees are experiencing an all-time high when it comes to their mental health issues.

Here are a few ways to tackle these stress levels:

  1. Communicate clearly and honestly with your Human Resource team: When you express your concerns, it is likely that your HR team will come to your assistance. They will assist you in delegating some of your tasks, giving you some time off to recuperate or help you with other coping skills.
  2. Give yourself some mental time off daily: This may involve doing activities that make you happy. Whether it is a walk in the park or immersing yourself in some art or music, this ‘down-time’ will re-energise you and prepare you for the next day at work.
  3. Meditate every morning: A simple 15-minute morning meditation can make a world of a difference in your day. It helps you align your body and mind and heralds in peace and mental strength to tackle all of your daily tasks. It also helps in releasing any carry-forward stress and negativity.
  4. Increase your efficiency and decrease procrastination: A large part of professional stress comes from procrastination. When we constantly leave things for later, our to-do list becomes longer and longer. Instead, you can start tackling your tasks in order of their priority as soon as you can. Making your work hours distraction-free will also make a significant difference in increasing productivity. When you are at work, focus only on your own.
  5. Stay true to yourself and your life goals: If a job or a career is making you persistently unhappy, ask yourself why you are pursuing this career. You can start to consider other possibilities of what may make you happy. Being honest with yourself will help you navigate this big decision and bring you greater happiness.

Take care, and have a great day at work!

Dr. Jinal Joshi