Personal Wellness depends upon YOU
July 08, 2023

It is not too hard to incorporate 2 of the most definite steps in our everyday routine life. However it sure shall take some effort to remain yourself and not how the world wants to see you.

1) Remember the perception of the world changes for you as per their convenience and it is vital that we as an individual do not get intimidated or deviated to being their toys of play.

2) Remind yourself every day to  love what you are, who you are and how you are and what you have to nourish our souls to self care, self love and show self compassion first.

Accept the strength and weakness first of yourself and then of others.

Appreciate what you have achieved, what you have gained and what you have given and what you have nurtured.

Forgive to heal your old and new wounds, your weaknesses, your shortfalls and your decisions.

Stop Not all things go wrong because of you, not all things right are because of someone else.


Let no one throw you in the pond of guilt eating , to lighten their emotional burden, because you are to be loved and cared for as much as you do first for yourself.

Dr. Jinal Joshi