Team Building and its attributes
September 20, 2023

Often, we have heard about football team, cricket team, baseball team, and so on. Team games seem interesting to us because it is pleasurable to see all the players playing together with same energy and for achieving the same goal. We do like such strong team build. Team building is a technique used for improving the work efficiency and performance of the workgroups through various activities. It means to develop and promote a strong and capable team. In teams, the goal is same but every team member has different tasks to complete.

There are some attributes which can help in building a powerful team:


Understanding: When we talk about understanding we mean both self and group understanding in terms of team building. Firstly, one should know himself like what are his goals, what his wants and needs are, and what he wants from his colleagues or team members. The team members should also understand each other in the same way they understand themselves. They should work with empathy, compassion, positive regard, clarity, cooperation, and trust.

Increased cohesion: While working in a team we know that we all are supposed to work together with each other and for each other. Several times we might come against each other and that increases issues. But as we grow with understanding team members as well as their behaviour we empathise, realise and come closer to them. Team members should stick tightly to work for each other with coordination.

Improved confidence: Confidence is the key to success. In the same way, if a team wants to work efficiently with full enthusiasm, then each person should develop confidence in teammates and feelings of invincibility.

Improved job satisfaction: Satisfaction is a significant component for all of us. If a person is not satisfied then he doesn’t live life to the fullest even if he is placed in heaven! The team members must know whether their fellow member is satisfied or not and whether he has any adjustment issues. The teammates should help in such conditions to promote their mate’s good mental health.

Staff communication: It is the most vital factor in any team. Most of the time, an odd situation arises because of a communication gap between the members. Miscommunication means passing messages mistakenly, inadequately, or unclearly. This phenomenon is common because of inattentiveness, lack of concentration, and sometimes memory failure too. But we should also keep in mind that this thing happens and it is okay. Our focus should be on how to be creative and accurate in communicating. For the sake of work and selfish interest, we must not pass on ill statements or news because communication has the power to make or break anything.

Building a team and that too with ethical and moral values is a way too difficult task but not an impossible one. There is a famous song line from Naya Daur movie, ““साथी हाथ बढ़ाना, एक अकेला थक जायेगा मिल कर बोझ उठाना””. Just like this, we all have to work together, fight together, and enjoy together. So let us all try to have all these attributes in our team building process and move ahead in making an ideal team.   
Article By - Ms. Shruti Tiwari