Know Yourself
August 25, 2023

We are living in the world of technology where it has become easy to live and work for our livelihood. The world has come so far in terms of technological, economic, financial, and social aspects. But what about the psychological aspect? Human psychology is an interesting subject but one of the most difficult topics as well.

Knowing our behavior is a tough task as it requires daily practice, patience, and self-knowledge. A person who knows about himself/herself in a true sense lives a life that has a smaller number of rooms for self-degrading thoughts. We are moving so rapidly that we don’t give time to our own self. Just take a pause for a few seconds and ask yourself when did you talk to the self? In the race of materialistic development and growth, we forget the purpose of our very existence. We forget that there is a subjective life that needs our attention and care just like a plant’s nourishment.

We live according to the people present around us, we think according to them and soon start thinking like them, and we live on their conditions. All these come under an umbrella term ‘Conditions of Worth’ given by American psychologist Carl Rogers. Since our childhood, we have tried to please others and work to always get marked in people’s good books. But is it a good practice? We live in a huge incongruence where there is disrupted contact between our real selves and self-experiences. As a result, we don’t accept ourselves as well as others.

The highly acknowledged and deeply disregarded reality is that we can’t please everyone and be in their good books where they all accept us and be with us. When we truly acknowledge this thought, acquire it, and live according to ourselves without harming others then we will be able to maintain a balanced life which is everybody’s subjective need. But many times we overlook this reality to get fit in the world and strive hard to adjust anyhow even if we don’t want to. Let us know that, we have the potential to decide our own worth. Just like we need several nutrients to run the body, in the same way, our mind also needs nutrients like happiness, satisfaction, compassion, empathy, acceptance, and genuineness to fully survive.

To live with full potential first know, understand, accept, and then work on yourself.

Article by Ms. Shruti Tiwari