Youth: The Ultimate Power
August 08, 2023

“Good habits formed in youth make all the difference”- Aristotle.

The youth age or period is considered the golden period of life. It is that period of life when we are filled with physical as well as mental energy. This period of life is nothing less than an amazing experience. Here we get to learn many things in just a small span of time. We come across different phases of our life, we encounter and recognize certain emotions, explore our personalities, and find our way of life. We also face a lot of situations that include a blend of emotions garnished with sweet and sour learnings and experiences. That is why it is known as the great period of learning. Nowadays, the youth population is very much focusing on their physique, especially on bodybuilding, and ways to have a perfect and fit, and fine body which is in turn an appreciative step. But in setting such high standards of achieving perfection at the physical level we sometimes fail to focus on our mental health. As we come across different situations in life, we experience a bunch of emotions that affect our mental stability. For instance, we feel exhausted when we get fail in our academic careers, because of this we even try to end our precious life in response to a lack of understanding and intolerance toward certain emotions. 

Youth age is a tender age when we are supposed to live our life with full enthusiasm and self-confidence. We have heard many life stories of real-life heroes, fighters like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Swami Vivekananda, Rani Laxmibai, Subhash Chandra Bose, and many more who lived their lives happily in uncertainties and sacrificed their age of golden days where one is expected to have all the fun and enjoyment. For such big heroes to embrace the odds for the sake of the freedom of their country people and love, respect, and devotion toward their motherland was the only seventh heaven. They also had black days for a longer period of time where they had negative emotions but they conquered them because they all had strenuous goals to be fulfilled and that is why they took up all the unfavorable conditions. There is a strong connection between our mental and physical health. If our physical health isn’t at a good stage but our mental health is completely fit to fight and has purposefulness then nobody could stop us from achieving our ultimate goal. And this is the real power of our mind which has remained unexplored by many of us.

Youth has the power to change the world. India is the world’s largest country in terms of population where it has 60% youth population. Our country’s youth is progressing in the fields like AI, information and technology, robotics, social media, start-ups, the entertainment industry, bureaucracy, politics, etc. People are working hard to get establish and serve the nation with their skills and expertise. The youth is awakening and investing their precious moments of life in working hard and smart to achieve their life goals. It is very necessary to focus on our overall physical and mental health. And it is achieved by examining our emotions, maintaining our response and reaction toward certain things, maintaining proper physical health, and knowing our true selves. One must focus on the power of youth. “Age is just a number”, truly said, it is merely a matter of digits because if one is filled with enthusiasm to work more, courage to fight more, and desire to live more is considered as a youth in a true sense even if he is in his post- adulthood.

Article by Ms. Shruti Tiwari